Company’s Organisation

Johnny Chan (Director/Licensee)
Johnny Chan has more than 20 years experience in commercial and industrial security. He has secured several sites and industrial security. He has secured several sites and contracts which is recorded for a young and upcoming company with his experience and knowledge, he would be able to provide and tailor to all security requirements. With his extensive knowledge and experience in security industry, he is now in command of over 60 staffs.

Veronica (Administration and Finance)
They are well-versed in the security industry, overseas the day-to-day administration and the smooth running of the company. With their depth of job knowledge, they are also self-disciplined and are woman of perseverance, ensuring that the company is well managed.

Magenderan (Operation Manager)
Greatly enhance the overall security coverage when the need for recovery arises. His mobility to move and inspect the manpower in the early morning and wee hours are to ensure that the security our clients isn’t compromised at any time.